Tips on How to Choose Exterior Painting Colors For Your Chicago Home

Tips on How to Choose Exterior Painting Colors For Your Chicago Home

When choosing an exterior painting color for your home in Chicago, you’ll want to consider both the look you want to achieve and the overall style of your house. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to choose a paint that will complement both your home and your personality.


When it comes to choosing an exterior paint color for your Chicago home, there are many choices to choose from. The color you choose is one of the most important factors in the sale of your home. So, it’s no surprise that you want to make the right choice. And that’s why it pays to do your research.

The best way to find a white exterior paint color is to choose a color that’s similar to the hue of the surrounding landscape. It’s also a good idea to consider the direction your house faces. This will affect the amount of sunlight that comes into your home.

Another option is to choose a white color that’s a little more nuanced. For example, Benjamin Moore’s Shaded White is a great choice. A similar option is their Backwoods.


Alabaster is a popular white color and it’s been on the exterior painting list of colors for years. It’s also a timeless option for interiors and can work with a variety of home styles and features.

As an exterior paint color, it’s perfect for modernizing traditional brick homes and can be used to contrast with darker roof shingles. For interiors, it’s warm without looking too yellow.

Alabaster was named Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year in 2016 and remains a popular choice. With its warmth, it’s an ideal trim color, especially for north-facing rooms. The color is also an excellent match for lighter-toned wood tones.

While it might not be the first off-white color that comes to mind, it’s worth noting that alabaster’s undertones can make it appear whiter than it actually is. In fact, it has a very neutral base which prevents it from appearing too grey or too yellow.

Newburyport Blue

Newburyport Blue is part of Benjamin Moore’s Historic Colors Collection. This color offers the perfect blend of a historic hue with a modern aesthetic. The muted blue is a timeless favorite. It is easy to coordinate with many accent colors.

Dark exterior paint colors add dramatic appeal. They are also easy to coordinate with natural wood. There are many ways to create a dark exterior look, including painting the front door, siding, shutters, and trim. You will want to consult with a professional to determine the best exterior painting colors for your home.

Benjamin Moore’s Charcoal Blue, Sea Serpent, and Onyx are all excellent choices for an eye-catching exterior. These colors pair well with browns, whites, and other neutrals.

Black Magic is another great choice for a dark exterior color. It is a sleek, sophisticated color that pairs with almost any style of house. This rich, dark color looks good with white, black, or natural wood accents.

Pewter Cast

When selecting exterior painting colors for your Chicago home, take into consideration the light in the area. It’s best to choose colors that don’t repeat those of your neighbors. This also helps to ensure that your home doesn’t appear too bright outside.

Pewter cast is a great neutral paint color. It has a subtle blue undertone that adds depth to your room. The dark tone of this paint makes it a perfect choice for homes with dark gray shingles or cedar shingles.

Pewter cast is the ideal neutral for side open rooms with lots of natural sunlight. For a more sophisticated look, pair it with a striped wall. A striped wall with floor-to-ceiling paint can work for a living room or a dining room.

If you’re going with a gray paint color for your Chicago home’s exterior, consider Sherwin Williams Pewter Cast. It’s a darker gray than many of the popular gray neutrals.

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